Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Redistribution of marriage

Four states, including my home state for 5 years, Maryland, will vote on the definition of marriage this November. Little do voters in those states know that marriage, like property, has already been redefined. The law is only now catching up to the change.

Property used to be a natural right, bestowed by God. No government that refused to preserve it was legitimate. Property was acquired through skill, hard work, and good fortune. It was understood “from the protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property, the possession of different degrees and kinds of property immediately results,” as James Madison wrote. Unequal distribution of property was inevitable in a free society.

Not anymore. Now property is a legal right, bestowed by government. Government specifies minimum permissible accumulations of property and maximum permissible accumulations of property, which it taxes to subsidize the former. The limits on accumulations of property are arbitrary and change on the whims of politicians and bureaucrats.

Unlike property, marriage was not a natural right. It was the fulfillment of God’s purpose for the two sexes. Marriage was the divine union between a man and a woman that reconciled them to their specific sexual needs. It channeled their wayward energies into creation and sustenance of new life.

Now marriage is society’s recognition of individuals’ mutual loving and caring, irrespective of gender. As Girgis, George, and Anderson write, “it is essentially a union of hearts and minds, enhanced by whatever forms of sexual intimacy both partners find agreeable.” (“Both”? Monogamist bigotry!) It comes with various legal protections and financial advantages.

Under the new definition of marriage, government specifies the minimum requirements for marriage and what still counts as legitimate discrimination (age, number, blood relation). The limits on expanding marriage are arbitrary and change on the whims of politicians and bureaucrats.

Like the redistribution of property, the redistribution of marriage purports to create greater equality. When we reach full equality, no one will be excluded. No one will be right or wrong. With nothing separating us, we will evolve past mere human-ness and coalesce into a single, God-like consciousness.

It’s a fantasy, an anthropocentric pipe dream, devoid of knowledge of human nature and our past. We have its failure to look forward to.

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