Friday, October 19, 2012


No “Odds and ends” this week. Instead, I’ll reflect on this remarkable piece in the Huffington Post about Marjorie Christoffersen, a restaurant manager whom the gay mafia harassed for her support of the 2008 marriage referendum in California (aka Proposition 8). She was among the first on a growing list of people excommunicated from the church of secularism for her views on marriage. That list includes Angela McCaskill, Scott Eckern, Jerry Buell, and Damian Goddard.

Once Christoffersen’s donation hit the web, El Coyote became the target of boycotts and demonstrations. At a press conference/breakfast hosted by the restaurant—where no one ate a thing—days after the news of the donation broke, Christoffersen tried to explain her donation did not have to do with any distaste for LGBT community, but was instead tied to her Mormon faith.

At the community meeting, attended by over 70 members of the community, many of whom were long time customers, Christoffersen did not apologize for the donation and did not indicate she would support any No on 8 organization. A series of demonstrations and a month-long boycott began.

Nothing shows tolerance of a dissenting view like infringing on a person’s ability to make a living. So fervently does the gay mafia believe in redefining marriage to their purpose. Their view of “equality” is really radical egalitarianism, the end of all distinctions, male from female, right from wrong, good from bad.

The ideological cleansing now underway in pockets of America realizes the pope’s warning of the “dictatorship of relativism.” It is totalitarian in its attempts to break the ties of human bondage to nature, which suffuse the civil society. As there is no outrunning gravity, there is no outrunning a regime trying to reverse gravity.

For Christoffersen, it gets worse. After describing her as a friend to gays, and going out of her way to help gay people, the author of the piece concludes:

It is sad Christoffersen’s faith stepped into her relationship with people she had known for decades and cared about and made her see them as “less than” and undeserving of the same rights she and her family have.

Four quick points:

1. You know a republic is lost when ordinary citizens become proxies of the regime, turning on their own friends when they deviate from the prescribed program.

2. It was the gay mafia’s religion, not Christoffersen’s, that initiated the rift, as evidenced by her generosity to gays.

3. Christians do not view gays as “less than” anything. Everyone is born flawed. That’s a malicious distortion.

4. Marriage does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. No two men or two women, regardless of sexual orientation, can get married.

For a more recent example of secular excommunication, read Angela McCaskill’s story here and here. “[She] was well-liked in the LGBT community and was instrumental in setting up an LGBT resource center, students said.”

Signing a petition to put the definition of marriage on the ballot in Maryland erased that good will, however. “What she did is unacceptable. It hurts the gay community,” one student said. McCaskill lamented in a press conference:

They have attempted to intimidate me. They have tarnished my reputation...This situation has spiraled out of control.

Take heart, Angela. At least now you know who your friends really are.

UPDATE (11/1):

A version of this article appears at the Red Pill Report.

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